Press Release

Karol Bagh based company Shiv Mohan Band announced their services for marriage ceremonies on their official website. Having started as a very small band operated by a few people in 1963, the band has grown to become a full-fledged wedding management company. The band offers services for lighting, fireworks and Shehnai as well in addition to the wedding band. You could check out their services by visiting

Shiv Mohan band is known very well among the resident of Karol Bagh in Delhi and also adjoining areas. It has been part of thousands of weddings since its inception, and Shiv Kumar Kirplani, the owner of the company says that he plans to continue the proud tradition. He says that the band has highly trained professionals who work full time on nothing but playing instruments.

Shiv Mohan band has a very good reputation among customers as a wedding band and according to the company, has a 100% satisfaction rate, which is quite remarkable. The company says it realizes that wedding is a bigger deal today than it was even 15 years ago. There is much more pressure to live up to people’s expectations and the company offers to help people deal with the stress by offering high quality management services.

Mr. Shiv Kriplani makes sure that the company adheres to a high level of professionalism, and at the same time, manages to keep the rates at an affordable level. This helps everybody be able to afford their band service and have a very successful and fulfilling wedding event.

The owner of Shiv Mohan band sugests to his customers to stay away from other companies who use the name of Shiv Mohan Band in order to dishonestly gain customers. The company has only one office located at Karol Bagh and no other branches. Customers will get authentic service from the company only from this branch, and customers are advised to stay away from amateur services.

Original Shiv Mohan Band" is only in Karol Bagh.